How To Set Up Your Own IRA: 6 Simple Steps To Start Saving For Your Retirement Today

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How To Set Up Your Own IRA: 6 Simple Steps To Start Saving For Your Retirement Today We all know we should save for retirement, but most of us keep putting it off. Why? We come up with some pretty clever excuses that keep us from taking action. Any of these sound familiar? I don’t have the time I don’t have the money right now I don’t know how to invest for retirement It’s just too complicated I don’t want to mess up Don’t worry … If you’ve said any […]

6 Books That Changed My Financial Life

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6 Books That Changed My Financial Life Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of all time, said, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” I agree. When we invest in ourselves, we acquire the skills, knowledge, and mindset that enables us to add immense value to others and ourselves. One of the best ways to invest in ourselves is to read high quality, informative books that inspire us to live a better life. I’ve read and reread a lot of these types of books recently. Each has […]

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Time the Market

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Why You Shouldn’t Try To Time the Market Buy low, sell high! It’s the mantra of finance. It’s what the “professional” traders TRY to do. The idea is great. If we always timed our investing right, we could make a killing. We’d buy when prices are cheap, sell when they’re high, and pocket the difference. Here’s the sad truth: Most of us don’t do so hot at timing the market. Don’t feel bad. Neither do the “pros.” 96% of the professional money managers fail to beat the market over 10 […]

10 of the Most Shocking Personal Finance Statistics

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Money impacts essentially every aspect of our life, yet many of us aren’t doing so well with it. Here are 12 of the most shocking financial statistics, and how we can avoid becoming one of them. #1) 72% Of Us Report Being Financially Stressed Each Month  Life’s too short to have to worry about money every month. Rather than stressing and missing out on life, we should implement a financial strategy and system that ensures we win with money. Source: APA #2) 75% Of Us Can Expect To See Our […]

8 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

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So we just passed tax day. Have you got your tax return yet? Sweet! What are you going to do with it? Hopefully you’ll spend your return in a way that adds real value to your life or expedites your financial freedom. Here are eight of the best ways to spend your tax return. #1. Build Your Emergency Fund It’s always frustrating when we’re hit with a large, unexpected expense or a job loss. They’re never fun or easy to deal with, but we can make the hassle a lot less […]

The 7 Habits Of Financially Successful People

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One of the biggest differences between those that struggle financially and those that succeed are the financial habits they exhibit. It’s simple. If we develop smart habits, we’ll succeed. If we apply poor habits, we’ll struggle. Here’s the good news: those that are financially successful share 7 habits that each of us can apply. As we consistently implement the 7 shared habits, they’ll become part of our nature and turn into our habits as well. And when they do, we’ll become much better with money and well on our way […]

Flip Your Budget Upside Down: The Simple Strategy To Make the Most Of Your Money

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We all want to get the most out of our money. Yet few of us have a strategy in place to ensure that we do. I guess most of us just hope it happens. Well, stop hoping. Start making it happen. Here’s a simple strategy that helps ensure we get exactly what we want out of our money. The Cash Flow Sequence For Most of Us The sequence of our monthly cash flow has a huge impact on whether we succeed financially or fail miserably. Most of us make money, […]

The 10 Commandments of Successful Investing

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Smart investing isn’t as hard as it seems. You just need to consistently apply the right principles—principles that have been proven successful time and time again. I call these bedrock tenets the 10 commandments of investing. #1: Thou Shalt Take Action Inaction is the number one reason people fail financially. Too often we get trapped by financial excuses that prevent us from taking action. We think investing is too hard, too time consuming, or too risky. We say we’ll invest when we have more time or more money. Truth is, the […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Invest In Real Estate

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Real estate may very well have generated more millionaires than any other asset class out there. Why? Because it provides multiple advantages that are unavailable through the typical investment vehicles most of us use. These advantages make real estate an IDEAL investment. I: Income Generation D: Deductions & Diversification E: Equity Capture & Equity Buildup A: Appreciation L: Leverage These are the five biggest reasons I invest real estate.  I: Income Generation One of my favorite aspects of real estate investing is the fact that it can generate tax advantaged […]

The Dirty Little Secret of Mutual Funds

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Mutual funds have a dirty little secret, and they want to keep it that way. The secret costs us thousands and prolongs our inability to achieve complete financial freedom. But we can beat it and I’ll show you how! The Dirty Little Secret Have you ever gone to a car dealer, found the car you wanted, and tried to buy it only to find out that all sorts of other fees have been tacked onto the final negotiated sales price? It’s frustrating isn’t it? Well, that’s a lot like how […]

The 10 Biggest Financial Lies We Tell Ourselves

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In one way or another, nearly all of us lie to ourselves when it comes to our finances. These lies prevent us from taking action and getting the most out of our money. Here are the 10 biggest financial lies we tell ourselves and how they rob from our financial future. Once we understand these lies, we won’t fool ourselves any longer. We’ll act differently with our money. We’ll make the most out of our hard-earned cash!  #1. I Will Never Be Financially Free Most of us don’t believe that […]

Bank Like A Boss: 3 Simple, Unconventional Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Banking

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You want to bank like a boss? Good, me too. Here’s the good news. Once you apply the boss banking strategies, you’ll turn your financial wishes into financial realities. Guaranteed! You’ll be able to take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to buy that fancy car you’ve been eyeing for years. You’ll be able dump the debt that drowns your financial growth. Here are the three simple, unconventional strategies you can (AND SHOULD) apply today to revolutionize your banking and get the most out of your money! […]

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Making the Most of Your 401(k)

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401(k) plans have been around since the 1980s and have become the most widely used tool investors use to save for retirement. Investors who contribute to a 401(k) (or the similar 403(b) and 457(b) plans for nonprofits and governmental employees) are offered tax advantages, and oftentimes, employers match a percentage of what the employee contributes to the plan. It’s encouraging to see how many people have access to these plans, but it’s frustrating to see how misunderstood, mismanaged, and misused they are. Some plans are great and others are essentially […]

The Best Way To Invest In the Market

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Investing in the market seems complicated and daunting, and there’s many in the financial industry who want to keep it that way. Rather than sifting through the tens of thousands of investment options, most of us hire a professional to do it for us. These financial pros normally recommend high-growth mutual funds, and since they’re the experts, we trust them and buy the funds they recommend. Using actively managed mutual funds and hiring professionals to invest for us sound great on the surface, but when we pull back the veil, […]

The 6 Deadliest Investment Landmines and How to Beat Them

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Investing and personal finance aren’t complicated, but it seems the financial industry is bent on making us think they are. Why? Because they stand to make massive amounts of money if we stay in the dark and feel we have to rely on their “expertise” to get us to retirement. By keeping fees, real returns, and our investment options as opaque as possible, millions of us give up, hand over our money, and hope the “professionals” will make our financial dreams a possibility. There’s a much better way! By following […]