Hi there. I’m Skyler, your Freedom Financial Coach.

The entire purpose of this website is to give you practical advice that will help you achieve your goals, boost your income, accumulate wealth, and build the life you want.

I want to show you how to make more money, save more money, and invest your money more wisely. It is my goal to equip you with the tools you need to become a master over your money!

I am here to provide you with the step-by-step guidance you need to become financially free!



About Me

I am a CPA, investor, entrepreneur, author, financial junkie, and hobby enthusiast. I love mountain biking, investing, and teaching others how to become financially free.

But above all, I am a family man that loves God! I have an amazing wife and three adorable kids. My family is the reason I pursue financial freedom.

Why I Created FreedomFinancialCoach.com

Money impacts essentially ever aspect of our life, but most of us fail at getting the most out of it. For the majority of us, money is a huge source of stress—77% report to be financially worried. And when we seek financial help, we either get very vague advice that is hard to implement or we get charged an arm and a leg for advice that’s actually useful.

That’s no longer the case.

I created FreedomFinancialCoach.com to help others learn how to become masters of their own money. I wanted to provide very specific advice that would empower others to take action and make the most of their money.

FreedomFinancialCoach.com is an online financial education platform built to provide the step-by-step guidance to financial freedom.

What is Financial Freedom?

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t have any concerns about how you were going to pay for next month’s rent. What if you didn’t have to worry about how you would pay for the expensive doctor bills that are sure to come with your family’s next medical emergency?

What if you didn’t have to work another day in your life? What if there wasn’t any money induced stress in your relationship? How would you feel?

Just the thought is liberating, isn’t it!

Well, that’s what financial freedom is all about. It’s about mastering your money rather than being ensnared by it.

It means you don’t have to worry about money. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay the bills, how you’re going to afford your medical expenses, or how your family will survive if you’re unable to work.

Financial freedom means you can focus on your “get to’s” rather than your “have to’s.” It. Is. Liberating!

You get to design your life and live your dreams!



Financial Coaching Through Real-Life Experience

Not all advice is good advice.

When I was in college I was enrolled in a real estate investment class. On the first day of class, one of the students asked the professor if he invested in real estate. After the professor said no, I got up, left, and dropped the class. 

I wasn’t about to have someone teach me how to invest in real estate when they hadn’t even done it themselves.

I fear too many of us fall victim to  this type of financial advice. We take advice from those that “know” best even though they’ve never done it themselves.

Every piece of advice you see on this site will be because I’ve been there and done that. I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks.

I’ll talk retirement plans because I have one. I’ll talk stocks and bonds because I buy them. I’ll talk investment properties because I own some. I’ll talk annuities because I have them. I’ll talk cash flow budgets because I use them.

I’ll talk diversification, leverage, allocation, automation, and compounding because I use all of them and much more to build wealth. This won’t be a website about financial theory. It is a site about financial reality.

Live a Rich Life

Pursuing financial freedom goes far beyond accumulating money. After all, money is not the pursuit. 

If money and increasing the size of your bank account is what you’re after, you will always be left unfulfilled and empty. Having a rich bank account is not at all synonymous with having a rich life. Money is a means to an end.

It’s a tool that enables you to capture more freedom. It’s a tool that enables you to spend more time with family and friends and pursuing your passions. If you master your money then you will be able to design the life you want, and more importantly, you will be able to live that life. That’s what living a rich life is all about!

As your financial coach, I will teach you what you need to know and show you how to take action. Don’t let money become your master. Master your money!