Financial Guide

Financial freedom is possible for you!

And achieving it is a lot simpler than you think.

The entire purpose of your Freedom Financial Coach is to provide you with a simple financial education platform that serves as your step-by-step guide to financial freedom!

I’ve created a simple four-step framework that will empower you to take action!

The goal is not only to tell you what you should do, but to show you exactly what to do to create the financial future of your dreams!

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Create Your Financial Vision

The first step to financial freedom is to create a financial vision that inspires and motivates you. You want your vision to be so strong that you don’t give up and settle for less regardless of how tempting it may be.

A strong vision will give your money and your pursuit of financial freedom purpose.

In order to help create your vision, ask yourself five primary questions:

#1: What do you want to achieve with your money?

What’s your why? Why are you striving for financial freedom? Do you want to contribute more to a cause you find worthy, create legacy wealth for your posterity, or be able to design and live the life of your dreams?

Do you want to retire early, spend more time with your family, or have more time to chase your hobbies.

Define what you want out of your money. Give it a purpose.

#2: What are your immediate financial goals?

What do you want to achieve with your money in the next couple of days or weeks?

Do you want to get started investing, create and use a budget, or start to stock more cash into savings? Do you want to automate your savings and investing?

#3: What are your short-term financial goals?

What do you want to accomplish within the next 5 years with your money?

Do you want to buy a car, a boat, a camper, or any other big toy. Do you want to go on vacation as a family or buy a home?

How much income do you want to generate? How many different income streams do want set up? What do you want your net worth to be?

#4: What are your medium range financial goals?

What do you want to accomplish within the next 5-15 years financially?

Do you want to save for your kids college, missions, or weddings? Do you want to buy a house, invest in real estate, or start a business? What kind of family vacations do you want to take?

What do you want your income to be? How big do you want your net worth?

#5: What are your long-term financial goals?

What do you want to be able to accomplish with your money in the next 15 plus years?

When do you want to retire? How much do you want saved for retirement? Do you want to start a foundation or become a philanthropist? What kind of lifestyle do you want in retirement? What legacy do you want to leave for your family?

Zig Ziglar, one of the great motivational speakers, said “You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have.”

The first step to financial success is creating goals that give you a vision of what you want to accomplish. For more details about creating your financial vision and setting goals, check out 6 Questions You Must Ask To Get What You Want Out Of Your Money.

Once you have a clear vision, you can develop and implement the cash and investment management strategies that will make your financial vision a reality. That’s where steps 2-4 come in.

Step 2: Manage Your Cash

After creating your financial vision, you’re ready to implement the right cash management strategy. 

This includes two primary functions:

  1. Budgeting – Cash Flow Planning and
  2. Cash Allocation

Budgeting – Cash Flow Planning

Creating and using a budget gives us the ability to command our dollars to be used in the ways we see fit. Budgets enable us to be masters over our money!

Click on the links below to learn how to master your budget and take control of your monthly cash flow.

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With time, this list will grow and give you every detail you need to create, use, and master your budget.

Cash Allocation

Properly allocating your cash every month is one of the single most powerful principles of personal finance. This is where you turn your financial wishes into financial realities.

The best cash allocation strategy involves 4 steps:

  1. Use Two Different Banks (Operating & Holding bank)
  2. Allocate Money To Your Brokerage Every Month for Investing
  3. Use Sub Accounts for Each Short-term to Intermediate Financial Goal
  4. Automate Your Accounts



Click on the links below to see exactly what to do to allocate your money most effectively.

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As with the budgeting section above, this list will grow with time and give you every detail you need to master your cash allocation.

See the Investment Management section below for detailed guidance on how to make the most of your investing. 

If you want help creating a budget and an automated cash allocation system that fits perfectly with your life and your goals, please reach out. I offer one-on-one consultations to help others get the most out of their individual cash management strategy.

Step 3: Become An Investor

With an inspiring financial vision and the correct cash management strategy in place, you are ready to become an investor. Investing is the agent of wealth accumulation, and it’s the essential step in becoming financially free.

Investors buy assets that promote wealth appreciation. In order to be a successful investor, focus on what you can control and follow what I call the 7 core tenets of investing.

  1. Take Action
  2. Invest For the Long Haul
  3. Prioritize Your Investing Appropriately
  4. Diversify
  5. Allocate, Evaluate & Rebalance
  6. Automate Your Investing
  7. Minimize Your Fees

Below are the links that will show you exactly how to become a successful investor.

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This list will continue to grow and provide you with the detailed action steps to properly invest in income producing and wealth appreciating assets.

Investing can be intimidating, but I’m here to help. I offer one-on-one coaching to help you take action and implement an investment strategy that fits your life and your goals.

Step 4: Financial Amplification

The fourth step to mastering your money is to amplify your financial success and accelerate your financial freedom. This is best achieved with three fundamental objectives.

  1. Increase Your Income
  2. Decrease Your Spending
  3. Refine Your Investing

Increase Your Income

Your income is a function of the amount of value you provide to others. The more value you add, the higher your income. Therefore, the best way to increase your income is to simply add more value to more people.

Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” You can be rewarded handsomely when you produce enormous amounts of value for enormous amounts of people.

Decrease Your Spending

Decreasing your spending goes a long way to expediting and deepening your financial freedom. One dollar saved is much more valuable than an extra dollar earned. Creating, implementing, and sticking to a smart budget and automating your finances are the best ways I know to help cut wasteful spending and and get the most out of your money.

When you automate your finances and use an online budgeting/personal finance tool like, you’re able to see what levers you can pull and what changes you need to make to optimize your finances.   

Refine Your Investing

The better you get at following the 7 core tenets of investing, the more refined your investments will be. With time, you’ll generate strong returns, reduce risk, keep fees low, and achieve your investing objectives. Refining your investing will enable you to achieve complete financial freedom.

Your Freedom Financial Coach will show you how to tap into the most powerful financial principles and how to implement the right strategies to amplify your financial success.

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There you have it.

This is the same, simple, four-step framework I use  to accumulate wealth and achieve freedom so I can live the life I want.

You can do the same. If you read and apply all the lessons on this site, you will master you money and become financially free.

Believe it’s possible for you and take action!

One-On-One Financial Coaching

Personal finance is just thatit’s personal! Your situation is your situation, nobody else’s. The best financial strategies and plans are specifically tailored to meet your needs. They are built to help you achieve your goals.

Yes, this site is all about helping you master your money, but that doesn’t mean that personal finance and investing isn’t intimidating―they are.

Your Freedom Financial Coach is here to help. I offer one-on-one coaching to help you implement the right strategy specifically tailored to meet your objectives. And remember, I don’t just talk finance and investing―I do it! I have a financial vision. I have an automated cash flow plan. I invest in stocks, bonds, annuities, real estate, and more to accumulate wealth.

If you want help creating a complete financial plan, then please contact me. We’ll create and implement a plan specifically suited to you. We’ll expedite your financial freedom journey!

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Action Steps

Decide today that you will master your money. Start your journey towards financial freedom today by studying this site and taking action to improve your financial future!

If you want to expedite your journey towards financial freedom, then contact me. We’ll create and implement a financial plan specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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