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Flip Your Budget Upside Down: The Simple Strategy To Make the Most Of Your Money

We all want to get the most out of our money.

Yet few of us have a strategy in place to ensure that we do. I guess most of us just hope it happens.

Well, stop hoping. Start making it happen.

Here’s a simple strategy that helps ensure we get exactly what we want out of our money.

The Cash Flow Sequence For Most of Us

The sequence of our monthly cash flow has a huge impact on whether we succeed financially or fail miserably.

Most of us make money, pay our bills, buy groceries, get stuff for our home, buy clothes, go out to eat, pay other expenses, and then if there is any money left, we put it in savings or maybe, just maybe, we invest or give to charity.



Here’s the problem: this cash flow sequence is sure to fail.


Because we aren’t prioritizing ourselves and others as we should be. We may think we are, but when we spend all of our money on what “needs” purchased now, we are robbing from our future, our security, and our peace of mind.

When we treat ourselves and others as an afterthought, we’ll never have enough money to reach our goals. We’ll never have enough to donate to charity, and we’ll never become financially free.

We are essentially letting our lifestyle dictate us rather than dictating our lifestyle.

So, what should we do instead?

Flip Your Budget Upside Down

Rather than allowing yourself to be an afterthought, make your future a priority. Rather than making measly donations to charity, make giving a higher priority. Rather than securing financial failure, secure financial freedom.

Flip your budget upside down and make the most out of your money!



Here’s How It Works

So when most of us make money, the first thing we do is spend it, or at least pile it in our checking account where it will get spent soon enough. Bad idea.

Before we spend a dime, we want to allocate money to charity, our investments, and our short-term savings goals. Remember, the goal is to get the most out of our money, not just get by. We want to allocate our money in the ways that are going to bring the most meaning to our life.

Charitable Giving

So, with every paycheck you receive, your first priority is to allocate a portion of it towards charity. I recommend at least 10 percent. As ironic as it sounds, donating your money towards meaningful causes or giving it away, is the best investment I know of. Doing so generates the strongest ROI and pays the highest dividends. Don’t believe me? Give it a try, you’ll see.

Invest For Your Future

Your second priority is to invest for your future. A portion of every dollar you make should be yours to keep. So pay yourself, secure your future, and create your financial freedom. I recommend investing at least 10 percent of your income every paycheck.

Save For Your Goals

Your third priority is to allocate money towards your short-term savings goals such as an emergency fund, a down payment on a house, paying off debt, a vacation, or anything else you want to do or accomplish in the near future. This is where you turn your wishes into realities. This is where you make your money fun.

Live On What’s Left

And finally, the fourth priority for your money—spend what’s remaining. After you’ve given money to charity, invested for your future, and saved for your goals, then you’re free to spend your money however you see fit. Buy that new toy, go to that fancy restaurant, order something that’s not on the dollar menu. It’s your money, spend it how you want to. Make it fun.

Automate Your Budget

The last step to ensure your upside down budget is as effective as possible is to automate it as much as you can. Here’s what I mean: with every paycheck you receive, money should automatically be allocated to charity, to investing, and to your savings goals. Essentially, you shouldn’t have to touch it at all. Your financial system should allocate all your money for you.

But Wait, I Can’t

Now of course there will be some that say, “But I barely make enough to pay the expenses I already have. How can I possible give to charity, invest, and save money before I meet all my normal monthly obligations?”

And therein lies the problem. Almost everyone that prioritizes paying bills and other expenses ahead of paying themselves never has enough money left over to invest, save, and give to charity. They are securing financial failure.

I do not know anyone that saves for their goals, invests for the future, and consistently donates to charity that struggles financially.

If you continue to prioritize your expenses ahead of yourself and others, then you will continue to struggle month after month. You will never escape the financial rat race that holds most folks back.

If you flip your budget upside down however, you will be amazed at you can accomplish financially. You’ll be amazed at what you can squeeze out of your money. You’ll be amazed at the difference financial intentionality will make with your life.


Flipping your budget upside down is one of the single most powerful strategies to get what you want out of your money. If you want your money to count, give to charity, invest, save for your financial goals, and then use what’s left over to live offnot vice versa.

You’ll be amazed out what you get out of your money. It’s not necessarily about frugality; it’s about intentionality.

Reprioritizing your cash flow will enable you to design and live the life you want rather than living the life you “have to.”

Action Steps

Stop hoping you’ll get the most out of your money and implement a proven strategy that will force it to happen. Flip your budget upside down and prioritize donating to charity, investing, and saving for your goals, ahead of all your normal expenses.

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