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Coaching Program

6-month program teaches you how to manage your finances and it works

Service Description

Are you sick and tired of the way you currently feel about your finances? Are you looking to find a process for your finances that you can understand, something you can commit to and one that actually works? Consider our 6-month coaching program. In this program you will meet with your Financial Coach 7 times in a 6-month period. During this time, together you will identify your goals and receive a personalized plan to accomplish them. Your Coach will teach you everything you need to know about personal finance, create a personalized financial plan, and hold you accountable to achieve results. If you're ready to feel peace and freedom as it relates to your finances, our 6-month program may be right for you. Prices are subject to change, so it is best to schedule a consultation to make sure we are a great fit to work together.


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